Pursuant to Act 2011-640 of the Alabama Legislature, the Sheriff of each county in Alabama shall maintain a register
convicted as sex offenders and who reside in Hale County are required to register with the sheriff, 30 days before
relocating here.  As a continued service to the public, the Sheriff of Hale County provides a list of sex offenders
for each community listed below.  Please click on your community to view the offenders.
Should you have any information relating to any  violation of the Community Notification Act by a
registered sex offender, you are asked to contact the Hale County Sheriff's Office immediately.
The Sex Offender Unit registers and monitors all convicted sex offenders who reside,work or visit  Hale County.  
Sex Offenders must report in person and register every three months.  The Sex Offender Unit utilizes the
OffenderWatch System to track and monitor registered sex offenders within the county.  Deputies, with the
assistance of Alabama State Probation Officers, also do regular checks on these registered individuals to confirm