The Hale County Sheriff's Office will accept the following types of bonds when bailing an inmate out of the
County Jail Facility.

PROPERTY BOND - If you wish to post a property bond you must own land free of any debts or liens within
Hale County.  You must obtain a Property Assessment Sheet from the Hale County Tax Assessor's Office,
located in the Hale County Courthouse.  The assessment must be at or exceed the amount of the inmate's
bond to be used for bonding purposes.  You may only use one piece of property per inmate for bonding
purposes.  *
If someone is arrested in another county and you wish to use property located in Hale County for
the person's bond, that is subject to approval by the Sheriff of Hale County.*

CASH BOND -  Money is paid to the Circuit Clerk's Office for the full amount of the bond.  This money will
be refunded to the surety signing the bond after the case is concluded.  Cash, cashier check or money
orders are the acceptable forms of currency.  NO PERSONAL CHECKS.

BAIL BOND COMPANY - You may choose a Bail Bonding Company that is licensed to do bonds in Hale
County.  All bonding companies are approved by the Presiding Circuit Judge and the Sheriff.  A complete
list of approved Bail Bonding Companies is available at the County Jail and the Sheriff's Office.  Bail
Bonding Companies charge different rates for bonds, Sheriff's Office employees, including deputies and
correction officers are prohibited from recommending which bail bonding company(s) you may use.


Before a bond can be signed a cashier check or money order for $35.00 will need to be made payable to
the CIRCUIT CLERK OF HALE COUNTY with the name of the defendant listed on said payment.


Mon - Sun 8:00 am - 9:00 pm

Bonding Hours Are Subject To Change By The Sheriff Or Chief of Jail Operations.