SHERIFF'S STAR - is the highest award given to sworn personnel in the Sheriff's Office and is
awarded for outstanding performance resulting in enhancing Sheriff's Office operations,
continuing community service, and exemplary service and achievement that has reflected great
credit upon the Hale County Sheriff's Office.  This rare commendation is presented at the
discretion of the Sheriff of Hale County and is not reviewed by a commendations committee.

MEDAL OF VALOR - may be awarded to sworn deputites who exhibits unusual courage in the
performance of his or her duties. The situation must involve unusual danger to the member
and the member must be aware of the unusual hazard as well as demonstrate obvious self-

MEDAL OF MERIT - is awarded to a deputy of the Sheriff's Office for a highly credible
accomplishment bringing public acclaim to the department as a result of devotion to duty or
exceptional public service.

MERITORIOUS CONDUCT - may be awarded to any individual member or team or to
members acting as a team, who performs a notable act of distinction in the performance of duty
and reflects the integrity and devotion shown by the recipient.

DEPUTY COMMENDATION -is awarded to a member of the department for a credible act in
the line of duty which is commendable in nature, and displays admirable initiative and

DEPUTY OF THE YEAR - recipients should demonstrate and continually
promote the department’s goals and mission. Areas of consideration should include exceptional
work ethic, expertise and integrity, superior overall performance in his or her areas of
responsibility, initiative to take on commitments above and beyond the call of duty, exceptional
ability to interact with peers and the public in crisis situations as well as day to day activities,
and exceptional contributions to the department and community.

SPECIAL OPERATIONS RIBBON - is given to deputies who have been assigned to a
specialized unit within the Sheriff's Office. (EX: Mobile Command Unit, Tactical Team)

YEARS OF SERVICE RIBBON - is given to sworn deputies for years of service.  Each gold star
represents five (5) years of law enforcement service.

K-9 RIBBON - is given to sworn deputies who are state certified narcotics detector, search and
rescue or patrol dog handlers.

FIELD TRAINING OFFICER RIBBON - is given to sworn deputies who a certified First Line
Supervisors, but have not been promoted to rank.  These deputies are responsible for in house
training of new deputy personnel.
Chief Deputy
Patrol Deputy