Jason H. McCrory
Chief Deputy Sheriff
Kenneth W. Ellis
The Administrative Division of the Hale County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for recording, storing,
distributing and processing of all information and records of the Sheriff’s Office. All executive functions
such as planning, logistics and budgeting are the responsibility of this division.   


*  The Sheriff is the commanding officer of the Sheriff's Office and is elected by the people of Hale County
for a four year term.  He devotes his time and attention to the execution of the constitutional duties of
the Office of Sheriff, given to him by the State of Alabama

*  The Sheriff is a constitutional office and is the highest ranking law enforcement official in the county.

*  To attend upon the circuit courts and district courts held in his county when in session and the courts
of probate, when required by the judge of probate, and to obey the lawful orders and directions of such

*  Perform the duties given to him, along with the Probate Judge and Circuit Clerk, by the State of
Alabama as a member of the Election Canvassing Board.


*  The Chief Deputy is the executive officer of the Sheriff's Office and is appointed by the Sheriff each
term.  He devotes his time and attention to the execution of duties assigned to him by the Sheriff.  

*  The Sheriff organized his office so, at all times when he is unavailable, the office shall be under the
command of the Chief Deputy, who shall exercise the same rights, privileges and authority as the Sheriff
while the absence continues.

*  Develops and maintains a yearly department budget for the Sheriff's Office.

*  Investigates all complaints received from the general public and staff of the Sheriff's Office.

*  The Chief Deputy is the Public Information Officer for the Sheriff's Office and routinely issues
statements to the news media.  He also maintains all social media projects utilized by the Sheriff's Office.